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Your Web and Graphic Designer based in Montreal

I focus on one thing

Creating your idea digitally

Clean Design

Minimalism has always been one of the things I admired most. My principle is less is more. I focus on content, white space, strong graphics, wireframe, usability and lastly colors with contrasts. As such I tend to strip down any useless or irrelevant elements in order to allow your content: design, website take the center stage. Every item for your design must have a reason to be present. As such, your design will be simple, functional and with no distractions. That is the concept of minimalism and clean design, what can we remove in order to make your idea more refined.

Full Responsive

My approach is aimed to build your website that can be viewed cross platform. From a desktop screen all the way to a cell phone. My layouts adapt to the screen that it is displaying. As a result, by using html5 and css3 for your website, I am to reach your customer by giving him the most optimal viewing, user experience. When they land on your page, they will notice an easy to read site, with minimal to no resizing, with only vertical scrolling that is available to be viewed on a wide range of devices.


I always try my hardest to deliver a great product with a very quick turnaround time. Your satisfactions is my ultimate goal. As such, any deadline given by me will be a deadline that I will commit. 

Building trust is what I aim for through honesty, sincerity, respect, openness, competency, mutuality, integrity, reliability.

Web Design

This discipline encompasses numerous skills. From graphic design, logo creation, coding, user experience, search engine optimization, web campaign, the list goes on and on. A Web Designer must be a jack of all trades. As a result, I am someone who is both creative and technically inclined. That is why I can guide you in making your website functional, clean, easy to use, appealing and something that you can be proud of. That is why your website is an extension of you.

I love life

About Me

Young, dynamic and always ready for a new challenge and project.

That’s what you get with me.

I am certified in the following fields of Web Design :
HTML and HTML 5 CSS and CSS 5 Flat Responsive Websites Image Manipulation

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Questions? I have answers

What are your steps in design?

This is the part where we discuss your project. Whether it be designing a logo, designing your website, revamping your existing website, IT consulting.

I am here to listen to and understand your needs in order to incorporate them into a user-friendly and functional project.

Once we agreed upon the project, I get to work, to deliver your idea in a digital world. 
To achieve this, I just start typing away on the keyboard and making sure that everything is done professionally. Depending on the project, it can be completed in a matter of minutes, hours, days, week. I am that quick.

Once I have completed the work, I schedule an other meeting, where I present you the final product. You get to see the work I have put in. Once again, this is the part where we discuss the product. Does it fit your needs? Was it what you expected? Do we need to rearrange something?

Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal.

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