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About Me

Freelance Niko - About Me

My Story

I’m your local web and graphic designer based out of Montreal Quebec.

This all started as a hobby and is growing into a passion of mine. Creating digital art that helps you stand out.

I listen, I discuss, I advise. Sounds obvious but I listen to your ideas, plans and objectives for your business.

Whether it’s website or graphic design, system development, maintenance, repair or custom programming I like to keep everything under one roof.

I love nothing more than working on a great project with a fantastic client. 

How am I different ?

Clean Design

Minimalism has always been one of the things I admired most. My principle is less is more. I focus on content, white space, strong graphics, wireframe, usability and lastly colors with contrasts. As such I tend to strip down any useless or irrelevant elements in order to allow your content: design, website take the center stage. Every item for your design must have a reason to be present. As such, your design will be simple, functional and with no distractions. That is the concept of minimalism and clean design, what can we remove in order to make your idea more refined.



I always  deliver a great product with a very quick turnaround time. Your satisfactions is my ultimate goal. As such, any deadline given by me will be a deadline that I will commit.
Building trust is what I aim for through honesty, sincerity, respect, openness, competency, mutuality, integrity, reliability.

Freelance Niko - More about Me


Defining the scope of the project is a critical step. It's the starting point of our journey together


Once we defined the scope of work, it's time to think about what strategy we need to take to reach the end goal.


This is where I spend most of my time; behind the screen typing, designing, figuring out the best outcome.


Once everything has been looked at, it's time to present to you the product you have been waiting for.